Montag, 10. September 2018

Hey Guys,
finally you hear something from me again. Some weeks ago I shared my travel experiences from Bangkok and today I returned back from Italy. I have spent a great vacation with my mum in the Tuscany and it was amazing. We had a typical finca with a huge garden, a lot of wine grapes and a nice swimming pool. Most of the time we discovered different cities, went shopping and ate a lot of pasta. I am a huge fan of the Italian food therefore I took every chance to eat homemade pasta and fresh fish dishes. During our trip we visited many beautiful places like Pisa, Florence or Riomaggiore. I enjoyed every second with my mum and we had so much fun together. Since I moved to Dubai it was the first time that we were so long separated from each other and it was great to see her before I will fly home for christmas. Unfortunately, my dad and some friends couldn't join us during our trip because of a really important exhibition and a lot of work but however, I think my mum and me had a great time. We stayed in a small town called Tellaro and the location was perfect for some trips around. One of my favorite cities was Pisa. We visited the famous tower from Pisa and strolled around at the shopping area. It was not as busy as Florence and the parking facilities were really cheap. We parked at a parking spot which is called "Via Piave" and it costs only 0,75€ per hour. Lucca is really close to Pisa and also nice to visit. One of my favorite experience was the boat trip to Riomaggiore and Manarola. The towns are located at the coast and offer a beautiful view of colorful buildings. You can find really cute shops, tasty food and you can also swim in the ocean. It was a perfect whole day experience. There is so much more which I would like to tell you about my trip but I am sure that I will write a separate post soon to recommend you some of my travel highlights. Have you ever been to Italy?

Best, Patty 


Samstag, 11. August 2018

Wat Arun 

Hey Guys,
I am back from Bangkok and I am really fascinated by the city. Everything is so cheap compared to Dubai and you have a lot of great places to visit. Especially the huge temples inspired me a lot. My favorite temple was Wat Arun because the architecture is really spectacular. You need to be really careful when you walk the stairs because the distance between the steps is much bigger than at a normal stairs. I've never visited a temple before and therefore Bangkok was the perfect city to get a view of the impressive buildings. We spent 4 and a half days in Bangkok and this was pretty fine to visit a lot of different places. Honestly, we spent a lot of time in different shopping malls and outdoor markets because the prices are so cheap and often you can negotiate. Therefore we bought a lot of new clothes, some accessories for our flat and a lot of beauty products. My favorite shopping experience was the Platinum Shopping Mall because there you can find a lot of beautiful and cheap clothes. I bought really nice dresses for around 4-6 EUR (16-25 AED) which is really really cheap for our conditions. The Shopping Mall is huge and has around 6 floors with a lot of clothes, accessories, shoes and much more. I think you can find a lot of the clothes cheaper at the Chatuchak Weekend Market or the Pratunam Market but for me the Platinum Shopping Mall was definitely the best mall with the nicest clothes. 

Wat Pho
Wat Arun 
Pink Planter Cafe 
Kane Mochi 
Platinum Mall 

Before I traveled to Bangkok I watched a lot youtube videos to find the best markets in Dubai and during my research I found a lot about the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The market is only on the weekends and it is a huge outdoor market with a huge variation out of everything. You can buy clothes, beauty products, interior and a lot more. The market is really beautiful but I was a little bit disappointed during my visit because all the youtube videos were so nice and I had a big expectation before I visit the market and for me it was nice but definitely not my favorite one. Maybe I didn't find the right shops because the market is huge and you can spend a whole day to discover all the shops. Beside a lot of shopping we also tried the food and visit some fancy coffees. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the food in Thailand. I am not really sure why but it is so different to the Germany food and often the food didn't smell or look really good and thats why it makes really hard for me to try a lot. Normally I am not picky with food but in Bangkok I didn't want to try a lot of new dishes. Once we ate in a typical thai-restaurant and it was good. I tried a soup and a local rice dish and it was nice. On the other days we went to some nice coffees and tried some tasty ice cream and my favorite sweets - mochis. I really love mochis and I can recommend everybody to try them. Mochis are made out of rice and inside is often ice-cream. You can also buy them without the ice-cream filling. 
During our stay we lived in Park Plaza Soi 18 and the location was really good to discover the city with all the different sights. Sometimes we drove with a Tuktuk which is really cool but more expensive like a taxi. If you want to drive really cheap you can download an App which is called "Grap" and it works like uber. You can choose your route and the price will be mentioned before you accept to start the drive. Sometimes you need to wait a little bit until a driver will accept your request but often it takes not more than 10 minutes until you will be picked up. The price will be charged from your credit card which works really easy and uncomplicated. Don't forget that the traffic is horrible in Bangkok. I've never seen so much traffic in any other city before therefore you should start your day a bit early because often you get stuck in traffic. Our trip was really nice and we enjoyed every minute of our stay. 
If you look for a nice city trip in a cheap city you should definitely visit Bangkok. 

Thanks, Patty


Sonntag, 29. Juli 2018

Skirt - Retold // Bag - Pinko // Shirt - Shein // Sunglasses - LeSpecs 

Hey Guys,
I can't believe how fast the time passed by. Two weeks ago I uploaded my last blogpost and it feels like it was yesterday. I never thought that I will be so busy in Dubai but during the week I spend a lot of time with work and on the weekends I am out with friends, discover new places and enjoy the beautiful weather. At the moment it is really hot but in our new flat we have a beautiful pool which is perfect for the hot summer season. I love to enjoy my weekends at the pool and read a good book. It is also really nice to have your own gym next to your flat so that you can train whenever you like to. At the moment I am felling that I am getting ill therefore I try to relax a little bit to avoid any disease. 
Soon we will start our trip to Bangkok and I am so excited about everything in this beautiful city. I heard a lot about Bangkok before and I am pretty sure that we will have a great time. From Dubai the flight to Bangkok takes about 8 hours which is definitely much shorter than the flight from Germany. So many beautiful destinations are really close to Dubai and I am so excited to discover more asian countries. Since we travelled to Bali last year I am so fascinated about Asia. Everything is so cheap and the people are really nice and open-minded. I am pretty sure that I will also travel to countries which are not in Asia but at the moment I have a lot of beautiful countries on my travel list which are all in Asia.

Last weekend I started to plan our trip to Bangkok and during my searching process I found a great app which is perfect for all people who love to plan the trip before. The App ist called "Pinbox". When you open the App you can see the world map. Via the searching function you can find places all over the world like restaurants, beaches, famous sights, etc. Whenever you would like to add a new place on the map you can use a pin to mark the location. You can edit your pin to choose between different colors for different categories, you can add notes or websites and you can write all the information about the spot in the information of the pin so that you know everything about the marked spot. Surely you can also do this all by yourself, print a map and mark all the places on the map as well but on the phone for me it is much easier. The overview works without internet so that you can find all the places you marked before really easy. Please note that you need internet when you want to add a new spot. You can also see the street names on the map so that you have a great orientation. One of my friends use this app because she can only eat products which are gluten-free. When she is on holiday it is not really easy to find restaurants and cafes which sell gluten free food. Therefore she always use the app to search gluten free hotspots before she starts her vacation so that she has a lot of opportunities when she visits the country. I was really interested when she explained me the app and now I really love to use the app. I am really excited to use the App for my first trip soon.

Best, Patty