I am a big fan of sunglasses and love to play around when it comes to unique colors and different shapes. Beside the fact that sunglasses look super cool, they are also really important helping to maintain our eye health. Especially from the effects of harmful UV sun rays. Think about it, our eyes are the only part of our body where we can't apply sunscreen! That's why it is so important to protect them with a quality pair of sunglasses. While the fashionable style is important, it might be worth considering the quality of lenses as well.

Model: Kini Kini - check it out here 

Since I moved to Dubai, one of the sunniest places in the world, I noticed that I have paid more attention to the type of sunglasses I wear because sunglasses really aren't made equal. They offer different levels of protection from the harsh UAE sound and I want to be sure I do my part to keep my eyes safe in the sun. One of the brands I cam across whilst researching high quality sunglasses was Maui Jim. With an interesting heritage linked to Hawaii, I grew ever curious. While comparing their different models, I noticed that they even use Hawaiian names for their sunglasses styles. I quickly noticed that Maui Jim is all about getting outside and experiencing the world and they do it with a beautiful 'Aloha Spirit'. The more I saw and read, the more interested I became to get to know more about the brand and their sunglasses. 

Model: Cruzem - check it out here

A great surprise to me was to find out that they are available at, my go to UAE online sports shop when it comes to the right sports equipment and nutrition. They carry a curated collection of Maui Jim's sunglasses range within their current product offering which made finding a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses to try much easier. The lens technology makes Maui Jim Sunglasses a good choice, especially for us living in the desert. All Maui Jim sunglasses are fitted with the brand's patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses which block 100% of harmful UV sun rays, eliminate 99,9% of harsh glare and absorb blue light (HEV) while enhancing colors. Their beautiful outdoor images and talks about the perfect views got me eager to get a pair and try them for myself! I was not disappointed. From the moment I put on my pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses for the first time, I immediately saw the difference. The colors you see through their lenses are so much more intense when I compared to other models I've worn in the past and the polarized lens also made sure that my eyes were comfortable from glare, a hazar we all face pretty much all year round! If that was not enough to win me over, I soon discovered that Maui Jim also carries the Seal of Approval from The Skin Cancer Foundation as effective protection for the eyes and surrounding areas. Maui Jim seems to tick all the boxes - Style, comfort and protection!

Model: Koko Head - check it out here

The range is diverse with styles for men and women in all shapes and finishes. There are styles for every occasion and preference and I am sure you won't struggle to find a pair! The Hawaiian sunglasses brand might just be one of the best kept secrets.

If you haven't yet found your perfect pair of sunglasses for the last summer months, head over to and take a look at their collection of Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2 Sunglasses. The best news are that has recently opened their showroom on the 1st floor at the Surf House in Jumeirah, Dubai. Feel free to pass by and get an overview about their amazing product range. 

                                                                                   All the best, Patty

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