I started cycling around a year ago and never really thought that I would be one day so passionate about it. The cycling community in Dubai is huge, there are beautiful cycling tracks available and even in summer it is one of the rare activities you can do outdoors but you definitely need to be an early bird.

My cycling journey started with a fun ride with friends which turned in a crazy exhausting activity since we were not prepared at all and completely underestimated the distance, we run out of water and it was crazy hot. Luckily we learned a lesson out of it and for our second ride we were completely prepared and had the chance to fully enjoy it. The first time we cycled, we rented our bikes at the Al Qudra Cycling Track at Trek Bicycle Store but shortly after we already bought our first used bikes. There is a huge market for used bikes in the UAE and I am sure that there's something suitable for everyone. My husband and I started with really affordable bikes which we found on the platform Dubizzle - a selling&buying platform similar to eBay where you can find almost everything you're looking for. After a few months into cycling we got better bikes, purchased a Tacx Flux 2 Smart indoor trainer which is compatible with Zwift and turned our maids room into a bike room. I guess most of these changes happened because of my husband since after his knee surgery, cycling was the only thing he could do but I am really happy that we both are enjoying cycling that much and sharing a hobby which we can do together. My husband even got his 2nd and 3rd bike after a certain time which I couldn't really understand at the beginning but I guess as a passionate cyclist you can never have enough bikes. I was actually quiet shocked how expensive some of these bikes are and even most of the bike equipment is not really cheap but I am sure that most of the time it definitely makes more sense to spend more on certain equipment so that it lasts longer, especially when it comes to bib shorts because your bum will thank you later. 

Currently, I am mainly using our indoor bike trainer to escape the heat but I also enjoy early morning rides  with friends or my husband on the weekends. It is lovely to meet people who share the same interests like yourself and I actually love to spend time outside in the nature and to be active. The summer is definitely not the most pleasant time to cycle in Dubai but it is manageable when you get up early and ride before the crazy heat. I am really grateful for the amazing cycling tracks we have in and around Dubai and I am more than happy to share some of them with you. I still didn't do all of them due to covid but I can't wait to discover more tracks and cycle in other Emirates. 

Dubai, Al Qudra Cycling Track
The main track is 50km long but there are many extensions so that you can definitely go over 100km. It is a really flat route which goes through the desert and when you're lucky you might even see animals on your way. At the Al Qudra main track bike rental is available at Trek Bicycle Store. You also have the opportunity to have a shorter drive and start at the bottom of the stick which is a 18km extension which leads to the main Al Qudra cycling track. The bike rental place at the bottom of the stick is called Hello Bike and they have really good bikes to rent. I can really recommend them, since I rented twice a bike from them for my mum and they are really professional and offer an amazing service. Parking and washrooms are available. At the start point of the main track you can find additionally some food trucks a small grocery store and a petrol station. 

Dubai, Nad Al Sheba Cycling Track
This track is close to Downtown and offers an amazing skyline view. There are cycling and racing tracks of 4km, 6km and 8km and you can even cycle during the night since the track is lighted. Bike rental (Loopdxb) is available as well as parking, showers, restrooms and lockers. For a nice refreshment you should definitely take a break at the Loop Food Truck.

Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit/Dubai, Dubai Autodrome
There are certain times and days during the week where you are allowed to cycle on the track where usually only racings cars are allowed. You can also rent bikes at both of the places.

Abu Dhabi, Al Wathba
A cycling track where I've personally never been but I got great feedback from some of my friends about it. It is just around 45min drive from the city and you can find there a 96km track with loops of 8km, 16km, 20km, 22km & 30km. Bike rental and washrooms are available as well as a small shop for food and drinks.

Al Ain Cycling Track
There is a 23km cycling track available but unfortunately without any facilities around. The closest shop is around 3km away. 

Ras Al Khaimah - Jebel Jais Mountain
Jebel Jais is the highest peak of the UAE and definitely not a ride you should underestimate. There are parking facilities and restrooms available but you can't rent bikes there. The mountain is around 1346m high and the view from the top is stunning. When you reach the top you should definitely make a stop at the nice restaurant 1484 by Puro which is currently under construction for renovations. The ride is around 32-35km (depends if you stop at the restaurant or if you cycle to the real top) and has an elevation around 4-5% which is manageable but you shouldn't start too fast so that you can definitely make it to the top. On your way up you will see some food trucks, restrooms and parking facilities. A few kilometers before the top is also a nice viewing platform. If you want to take it slow you can also start from a parking spot closer to the top so that you don't need to cycle all the way.

Al Ain, Jebel Hafeet
The mountain is around 1033m high which is a bit less than Jebel Jais, however with its 7% elevation it is steeper. The way up is around 12,5 kilometers long but also not to underestimate. 

Cycling Tracks around Dubai
If you want to discover the city with a bike I would definitely recommend you to rent a Careem bike which you can find at 10 different stations around the city. The rental stations are located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina, Dubai Media City, The Greens, Jumeirah, Dubai Canal, Downtown, Mankhool, Karama and Al Qudra. Careem is not only fast and easy to use it is also really affordable. On their website you can find numerous rental stations including recommended routes so that you can either cycle in the city, on the beach or even in the desert. 

Since we have so many beautiful cycling facilities it is not allowed to cycle on the main streets. The traffic in the UAE is mostly really busy and as cyclist it can be really dangerous. Whenever you think about cycling on the street you should definitely do this within a group and with a support vehicle which you need to register in advance. There are even many groups who cycle not on the main tracks but they know where it is safe to cycle and they have special approvals to cycle on certain roads with registered support vehicles. You also should consider that it is mandatory to wear a helmet for your safety. 

In case there is anything left you would love to hear about cycling in and around Dubai, feel free to ask in the comments. I am definitely not a cycling expert but always welcome to share my experience with others.


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