Hey Guys,

it's been a bit quiet here for a long time, but I always plan to be more active here and share my experiences with you. I often have the feeling that the clocks in Dubai tick a little faster and time just flies by. As you probably already know, I always love to travel around Dubai and discover new places. I love good food and am an absolute fan of tea, that's why I love going out for afternoon tea. My absolute favorite for afternoon tea is definitely the Roman Lounge at Caesars Palace Hotel on Bluewater Island, but I've actually had an afternoon tea recently that comes very close to the level of the Roman Lounge. The place I am referring to is called Peacock Alley in Waldorf Astoria on the Palm. Named after the famous tea lounge in New York City, Peacock Alley offers delicious and freshly made pastries, cakes and the hotel's signature tea and coffee selection. Prices for the classic afternoon tea start already from 170 AED per person.

My friend and I have chosen the the High Tea Set, which is available for AED 260 per person, however we had a discount due to my friend's Privilee membership. The food was really incredibly delicious, totally fresh and the service was also very good. Besides delicious sandwiches, we were also served scones and fresh pastries. The High Tea Set is like the classic afternoon tea, however they included other dishes such as stracciatella cheese, shrimp cocktail, pulled beaf and an additional selection of newby tea. I especially liked the scones and the sandwiches and I can guarantee you that the Classic Afternoon Tea is definitely enough since my friend and I couldn't finish all the delicious food. The atmosphere in the lounge is really nice and I enjoyed my visit a lot. The only thing I actually found a pity was that the selection of tea varieties was unfortunately very limited and I would have liked to try something new. This is of course complaining at a high level, but I think that for an afternoon tea there should be more than just 5 different teas on the menu. Beside that I really want to point out that they offered many gluten free options and I am sure that even other dietary requirements can be considered for the menu.

Best, Patty

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