During the past months I often noticed that some of my friends tried juice fasting and most of them really liked it. I tried it a few years ago with some juices from a German company but unfortunately, I didn't like a single juice of their whole program that's why I stopped the fasting already after the second juice. After the first juices were horrible I tried a sip of all juices which were left and I was so disappointed that I didn't even like one of them . After this experience I never tried a cold pressed juice again because I thought fruity smoothies and tasty milkshakes will be much more suitable for me.

A few weeks ago I kept an eye of the Organic Press Juice Dubai and first I was really skeptical because I know that I usually don't like cold pressed juices and that it is really hard to meet my taste. Only the ingredients of the different juices could convince me to give this whole juice fast second chance. I ordered the "Beauty Pack" which contains 6 juices (Nine Essentials, Go Ginger, Beet It, Tropical Bliss, Blue Heaven and Vanilla Sky) which is a 1 day starter Package. The reason why I ordered juices only for one day is that I wanted to try them first to get a better impression about their taste. If you don't want to order a whole Package you can order single juices and shots as well. The different juice Packages are based on a percentage daily value of a 2.000 calorie diet but this depends as well on the package you chose because they have all different ingredients.

Luckily this time I were not disappointed because the juices tasted really good. Especially "Go Ginger" and "Tropical Bliss" were my favorites. All juices were really refreshing and except of "Nine Essentials" I liked all of them. I think you love or your hate green juices it is really rarely that you only like some of them. I prefer juices with a fruit and vegetable mix which makes it refreshing and sweet. Organic Press Juice Dubai found a great balance to combine the right ingredients to create the perfect taste. I can really recommend you to try the Package I tried because these juices are for now the only ones which I can honestly recommend to everyone who is interested about juice fast. I am really thinking about to do the juice fast next time for 3 days to see how it goes and how I will feel after the days.

The Beauty Pack contains following juices:
Nine Essentials: Kale, Lettuce, Spinach, Parsley, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Ginger
Go Ginger: Lemon, Apple, Ginger, Cayenne
Beet It: Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Ginger
Tropical Bliss: Pineapple, Apple, Mint
Blue Heaven: Blue Spirullina, Coconut Water, Pineapple
Vanilla Sky: Almonds, Cashews, Vanilla, Dates Himalayan Salt

The Beauty Package with 6 juices for one day is available for 260 AED and a great opportunity to try the juices. The package is available for 3 days (780 AED) or 5 days (1.300 AED) as well. Their juices are all made with their customized hydraulic press and they always use fresh fruits and vegetables to guarantee the purest and most refreshing healthiest juice ever. The order process is really easy and they offer free home delivery across Dubai.

Thanks, Patty

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  1. Sehr interessanter Beitrag! Go Ginger hört sich wirklich lecker an, das wäre wohl auch mein Favorit :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von littlethingcalledlove.de

  2. War geschmacklich echt positiv überrascht :)