When I moved to Dubai my budget was really limited and I came only with one suitcase full of documents, beauty products and some clothes. During my first weeks I recognized that it is much easier to get dressed when your wardrobe is almost empty because you never spend hours thinking about what you can wear. I think we all have much more in our wardrobe than we really need and sometimes less is more. 
After I started my first job in Dubai I needed some more business clothes and I was totally lost where I can order online because I didn't want to go to a Shopping Mall. The first online shop I could found was Namshi. 

Namshi $$-$$$
Namshi is a really famous online shop in the UAE and you can order many different clothes, shoes and much more. You can buy products of expensive designer brands as well as low budget products. They have many different prices ranges and always special offers and bargains. Their delivery is really fast and you can return the clothes you don't linke without any problems. The process is really easy and I love to order at the shop. If you like the products and the structure of the shop you should definitely check out Sivvi, Vogacloset or Asos because these online stores are really similar and deliver to the UAE as well.

Skirt - Namshi

Shein - $
Already in Germany I ordered many clothes at Shein and I am always impressed about their cheap prices and their huge collection. I know that many people don't like their clothes but I was always really happy with my orders and also the quality is quite okay. For sure this always depends on the product you order but I need to say that the price-performance-ratio is really good. I can always recommend to order clothes one size bigger than you usually wear because many clothes are smaller than usual. I never returned anything of my parcels and honestly, I am not sure if this is possible but most of the times the clothes are so cheap that it makes more sense to give them to friends than to pay for the return shipping. If you like Shein you should definitely check out Isawitfirst as well because they have many bargains as well.

left to right: blouse - Shein // Swimsuit - Shein // Skirt and Shirt - Shein
Jacket - Isawitfirst

Retold $$-$$$$
If you love second-hand shops you will be in paradise when you enter the shop "Retold". They are selling beautiful second-hand clothes, shoes and many other beautiful things from Zara over Gucci and many other high end and normal brands. The clothes are always in a great condition and many of them have even the price tag. From low budget to high end they have everything you can imagine and you will definitely find something what you like. I went to the shop several times already and I never left without to buy anything. If you want to get a better overview you should follow @shopretold on Instagram and watch their stories.

Dress - Retold 

You Boutique - $$$
A really cute online boutique with beautiful clothes and accessories. I really enjoy to shop at "You Boutique" because the clothes are really beautiful, unique and the quality is really good. The shop always let me think about holidays and unforgettable summer evenings. The delivery is really good and I was always happy with their service. When you love boutiques in this kind of style you should check out BeachCity.ae as well.

Mlovesl - $$$
One of the cutes online boutiques in Dubai and the owner of the shop is really lovely and always open to help you to find the right clothes. You can really see that she works with all her heart and passion and that she is really creative and designs beautiful clothes. What I really love about her different collections is that she always finds the right combinations and a great balance to combine colors and designs. Be careful when you check out her Instagram Store because you will definitely order more than one piece. Check out her collection on Instagram at @Mlovesl.

Thanks, Patty

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