Everyone knows that I am a huge food lover and I love to eat outside with friends, having a picnic or making a tasty barbecue. A few months ago when the weather wasn't too hot in Dubai I really wanted to have a picnic with my fiancé but I didn't want to prepare anything and searched for nice alternatives to try. I really wanted to see if it is worth to order a fresh food box for a picnic or if it would make more sense to prepare everything by myself. Thats why I searched online for nice picnic options and found Grazing in Company.

Grazing in Company offers amazing food boxes, grazing tables and food platters with different delicacies which will be delivered directly to your doorstep when you're living in Dubai. The owner of the Shops is really nice and welcoming to answer all your questions. She can give you perfect recommendations which box is suitable for you and the delivery is really fast. I ordered the food box once for a picnic in the park together with my fiancé and we both were really impressed about the freshness and the taste of the food. I really liked the perfect balance between sweet and salty snacks.
Especially when you don't have much time to prepare a nice picnic this box is the best option you can order because the selection out of different snacks is amazing, the food is really fresh and the price-performance ratio is good. I ordered the large big cheese box with floral upgrade for 380 AED which includes mixed fruits, dips (hummus and onion jelly), salad, two types of cheese, olives, crackers, bread and cookies. I would say that the large box is perfect for 3-4 People because we two had many leftovers which we ate during the next days. If you prefer a vegan food platter they have an option for you as well.

Thanks, Patty

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