I really like to go out and try new restaurants but sometimes I prefer to order food and spend a cozy time with good food at home. Snug Bowl is an Urban Virtual Kitchen in Dubai which offers various delicious meals directly to your doorstep. A few days ago I tried a collection of their best selling dishes and I need to stay that I was really surprised because the food was much better than I thought. Sometimes it is quite challenging that your ordered food reaches in time and is still hot and fresh but when I ordered at Snug Bowl they were perfectly in time and the food was hot and fresh. They also called me before they delivered the food to inform me that the food its on its way. I scheduled my order 2 days in advance and surprisingly the whole delivery process went well and the staff was really nice and friendly. I need to say that we order food quite often and many restaurants and delivery services are quite slow so that I really need to point it out that my experience with their delivery was excellent!
 New York Beef Chili, Chicken Quinoa Salad, Snug Mezze Bowl, Burrata Gondola and Wild Rice with Halloumi
Always when I do my food reviews I try to taste as many different dishes as possible to get an overview about the menu and to give you the best review and advise from my side. The reviews are always based on the taste of my fiancé and me and I am always honest about my experiences even if I really don't like the food. This time we really enjoyed our delivered food and I can definitely recommend you to download the Snug Bowl App to get an overview about their different dishes and their special concept. In the App you can create your own account and place your order easily. I love that they show pictures of their different dishes because sometimes that makes it much easier to decide what you will choose. We ordered 5 different dishes: New York Beef Chili, Chicken Quinoa Salad, Snug Mezze Bowl, Burrata Gondola and Wild Rice with Halloumi. Additionally we got Jalapeño Poppers, Chocolate Snookies as a desert which were amazing and a refreshing Passionfruit Cooler as well as an Iced Coffee Mocca. The whole menu is visible in the app and easy to operate. Whenever you click at one of the dishes you can see the nutrition information and a short description about the dish. Beside their breakfast menu, you can order Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, TV Snacks, Deserts and special dishes for kids. They have catering options as well and are happy to assist you at your weeding, cocktails parties or any other events.
My favorite dish from our delivery was definitely the Chicken Quinoa Salad. It was totally fresh, super tasty and I really liked the dressing. We didn't order any desert but they surprised us with some Chocolate Snookies and I need to say that they were amazing. We finished all of them in one day and I really think about to order them soon again but be careful because they are addictive. Their price-performance ratio is quite good and I am sure that I will order soon again.

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Thanks, Patty

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