Already when I was a small kid I loved sports and tried many different activities like soccer, tennis, athletics as well as gymnastics. I'm usually not the kind of person who is always convinced of its own skills but I would say that I was most of the time really good in the sports I tried. Especially tennis and soccer were my biggest passion and I had a lot of fun to play and to challenge myself. When I grew up there came a time were I needed to decide between soccer and tennis because both activities together were really hard to combine especially because of the matches during the weekends. The decision was really hard for me because I loved both activities and I wanted to do both even when my whole weekend was only about sports. From time to time I realized that my parents were right that it is hard to focus on both activities when I want to continue to play on a high level and thats why I chose in the end soccer. When I look back I am sure that I would have had more success when I continued with tennis because I was really talented but the soccer time together with my team was a really special time of my life which I will never forget. We were not only a team it was more like a family and we celebrated so many successes which nobody can take from us. I chose soccer over tennis because I am more a team player than to be on my own and in the end it was the best decision I ever made.

Set - Yosemite Collection

After I finished high school I was more focused on my education and preferred to spend time in the gym or   complete some outdoor trainings like running or swimming because I could do this to every time during the day and was never dependent of a special timing. Since I moved to Dubai I always try to follow my routine to work out minimum 3 times per week. It is not always easy to follow my plan because of much work and other free time activities but most of the time I reach my goal which makes me feel healthy, powerful and balanced. The heat makes it really hard to train outside in the summer but most of the time I try to run in the evening in the shadow which is feasible. Besides my outdoor sessions I still like to go to the gym and challenge myself on the treadmill or during a customized workout.

Sports Bra - Peace Collection // Pants - Similar to Etna II Collection
Set - Similar to Pop Collction

For me it is always important to feel comfortable during my workouts to stay focused and to be able to go to my limits. That's why I usually order my sport clothes from Stronger because I love their striking collections and even if you prefer simple designs they offer a nice variety. Stronger offers Sizes from XS to XL and always informs in the product description about the product features  what is really helpful when you need something special. The shipping to Dubai and Germany is quite fast and I never faced any problem and I ordered already more than 5 times. What I really like about their sport clothes is that they are elastic and comfortable but at the same time they have the perfect fit and are not too tight or too big. To find your perfect size I can recommend you to check out the size guide before you order the first time because the size chart helped me a lot to find my correct size. If you have any questions about the brand or about any other sport brands I can recommend, feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Patty

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