You moved recently to Dubai, you are only in Dubai for a short trip or you live in Dubai almost your whole life? Whatever your purpose is to stay in Dubai I can share with you some of my favorite Apps  which can help you a lot especially when you are new in the City. During my first weeks in Dubai I lost almost every week my way because Google Maps is sometimes overstrained with new streets or constructions and not always up to date which made it really hard to find the right way. Thats why I changed from Google Maps to Waze.

   Waze is my favorite Navigation App and I use the App almost  
   every day. The maps are always up to date, you can avoid Salik
   Gates and choose different routes and get an overview about the
   traffic situation. Another great point is that most of the street
   cameras are registered in the App and before you pass them you
   get an information so that you can slow down your speed. Fines
   are so expensive in Dubai thats why I love this feature! The App
   informs about traffic jams and gives you a recommendation for
   the best way. Sometimes you also get an information when police
   is around or an accident happened near by. Definitely my favorite
                                                              App to come from A to B.

   When you don't want to drive by yourself or you don't have your
   own car I can suggest you to use the Uber App. The App is really
   easy to operate, it is save and the price-performance-ratio is good.
   If you are interested if an Uber Taxi is close by you can always
   have a look at the Map to get an overview how long they need to
   reach you. You have different options from usual Uber cars to
   Premium Cars and even Helicopters are available what is totally
   crazy. The App can be connected to your bank account so that the
   money will be automatically transacted after your ride.

   If you are lazy and don't want to cook I can always recommend
   the Food Delivery App Zomato. We always order food online via
   Zomato because they have great offers and their service is good.
   You can select between many restaurants and have the chance to
   write your personal food reviews and to award the restaurants
   with stars from 1 to 5. If you want to pick up the food by yourself
   and don't want to wait for the delivery you have the option as
   well. The App gives you a great overview about the best rated
   restaurants in the region and helps you to fine the perfect meals
   for your taste.

   Another Food Delivery Service is Instashop App which  
   cooperates with the Grocery Shops in your neighborhood. Usually
   I prefer to buy groceries directly in the grocery shop but if you
   don't want to carry 5 kilo water cans by yourself it is a great
   opportunity when they will be delivered directly to your doorstep.
   I often use the App when I forgot something during my weekend
   grocery shopping or when I get ravenous appetite for sweets and I
   don't have anything at home. You can order anything you like in
   the registered shops around you and after your delivery you will
   be informed when the food approximately arrives.

   Whenever you search something in Dubai you should check the
   Dubizzle App first. It is similar to eBay but beside special
   Classifieds you can also find Properties, Cars and even Jobs. I
   bought there already many furniture for our flat and I was always
   really happy about the easy process. You can contact the seller
   directly and negotiate about prices and delivery. I found our flat
   on Dubizzle as well and I am more than happy that I searched
   online because you can always compare different offers and find
   the best deals. They have new offers daily and I promise you that
   you always find something what you like.

   I like to be organized and have all my finances in one overview  
   thats why I can always recommend you to use the Money Lover
   App. You can enter all your expenses or incomes in the App and
   divide them in different categories. In the end of the month you
   get an informative pie chart how much you spend for example for
   food or for beauty products. You can customize the categories and
   change the currency to your preferred one. It helps me a lot to
   save money and to have an overview how much I spend for
   different categories.

   When you are active on Social Media and looking for great
   opportunities in Dubai to find collaboration partners and build a
   second main pillar I can recommend you the App Vamp. You can
   register at the App and they will check if you fit in their portfolio.
   They have always different campaigns with variable requirements
   and you can choose by yourself where you want to take part. If
   you have luck they will select you for the campaign. The App
   gives you the opportunity to earn money, they cover you with the
   blogger license and they send out really interesting newsletter
   about different topics. The Vamp Team is really friendly, dynamic
                                                              and always open to support you in case you have any questions.

Thanks, Patty

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