Sonntag, 3. März 2019

Hey Guys,
I have told you already that we are invited for a wedding in South Africa but I totally forgot to show you my dress for this special occasion. Before I went out to find the perfect dress I had already a dress in mind but often it is hard to find the same dress out of your imagination that’s why I looked at many different stores as well as online shops. Normally I prefer to shop online because I don’t like to go to malls especially when it is really busy on weekends but this time I had a free afternoon so I used the time to have a look around and to try some different dresses. Usually I prefer to wear dresses with straps but the colour of the dress pleased me so much that I tried it and as soon as the girl from the store closed the zip at the back I was totally in love with the dress. Later on the shop assistant told me that I can wear the dress is many different options and she showed me which styles are possible. Honestly, I was so impressed that I fell directly in love with the dress and the way I am wearing it on the pictures is definitely my favourite style. It is really simple but I think my eye-catching statement earrings fit perfectly to the dress.

I am already counting the days until our exciting trip to South Africa will start. We booked a really cute Guests House and I cant wait to see it and to explore Cape Town. The wedding from our friends will be definitely the highlight of the whole trip but I am also really interested to discover the nature and learn more about the culture and traditions. It is always so interesting to travel to countries where you have never been before and I am sure that South Africa will be a great experience and an unforgettable trip. If you have ever been to Cape Town please share with me your travel tips.

Best, Patty

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  2. Wow, ein wunderschönes Kleid! Du siehst so gut aus damit! :-)


  3. Hey! Wunderschönes Kleid! Ich liebe deinen Bog!
    Wenn du magst, schau gerne mal bei mir vorbei!