Hey Guys,
last weekend I finally had the time to start a new DIY Project and I am really happy with the result.  
I always wanted to create my own clothes but unfortunately, I never learned to sew and that’s why I began with small steps and started with some easy DIYs until I will find the time to join a sewing workshop. I love to wear jewelery and therefore I started with my own earrings. Dubai is an amazing place to find beautiful fabrics and craft supplies. I often go to “Dragon Mart” or “Satwa” when I want to start a new DIY project because these places are perfect to get some inspiration and to find the perfect supplies for an affordable amount of money. Before I start my DIYs I always have something special in mind that I want to create and I never start without an idea. If it is hard for you to find ideas I would always recommend you to register at Pinterest because it is the best website to collect ideas. 

Last weekend I went to “Satwa” which is located in the old part of Dubai. Whatever you need I am sure you will find it there especially when you want to do something creative. I found these beautiful lookalike crystal stones which sparkle so beautiful that I couldn’t say no. I knew from the first second that I really want to use them to create some nice statement earrings. That’s why I bought wire, glue and fish hooks to complete my whole idea. You can see it's not a lot what you need to create your own earrings and I can promise that it was easy to make them. Especially the Golden Sea Shell Earrings took me less than a minute to finish so it is always worth a try. I bought the golden Sea Shells in a Set of 10 for 4 AED which is less than 1 EUR and for 10 hooks and earrings studs I paid 5 AED which is a little bit more than 1 EUR so now you can imagine how cheap it can be to create something by yourself. For my first try I am more than happy with my result and so excited to start a new DIY project soon.

 You need: Wire, Glue, Lookalike Crystal Stones and two fish hooks

1. Cut the wire into two pieces which have the same size
2. Take for example a small and round fragrance bottle to form the wire into a round earring
3. Thread the crystal stones on the wire
4. Thread the fish hook on the fire and fix both wire ends with glue and a small pearl
5. Let it dry

You need: Golden Sea Shells & 2 Stud

Thanks, Patty

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  1. Ohh die ohrringe sind dir wirklich sehr gelungen! Ich liebe es auch total, dinge selbst zu machen und habe früher auch ganz viel schmuck gebastelt :)


  2. Sieht wirklich toll aus :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Alina von