Hey Guys,
Today I will write an article about one of the most popular trends at the moment because nowadays we see animal prints everywhere. A short time ago I have bought my first animal print pieces and I am totally in love with them because you can combine them to several looks and they look often much more expensive than they are. For me it is always important when I am creating a look that I combine affordable with some expensive accessories to find the perfect balance to update my whole look. For sure I totally understand when people save a lot of money to buy some expensive clothes, accessories or something else and I do it sometimes the same way but often I prefer to spend more money for traveling rather than investing too much money into clothes. Thats why I am a huge bargain hunter and always looking around for great offers. In my opinion you don't need to have high end designer pieces that your look looks like high quality. It is always about the perfect combination and the right balance. 

The beautiful dress is from Lipsy London from the new collection and I couldn't say no to this beautiful dress. Unfortunately, my fiancé doesn't want to go out with me when I am wearing this dress because he really doesn't like it but I can not really understand why. But I think this is always about the matter of taste and I got a lot of compliments for this cute dress. What I really like about the dress is for sure the animal print but additionally it is really comfortable and I love it that you can tie the ribbon around the waist so that it is flattering the body.


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