Hey Guys,
I hope you had a lovely week and enjoyed your days off. I am so happy to relax for a day and share with you some nice ideas for Valentine's gifts. I always like to celebrate Valentine's Day and spend the day with people I love and surprise them with some small presents. For sure it is a day like every other day and I am convinced that it is important to show the people you love every day how important they are for you but Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the day with your loved ones.

I am not a big fan of expensive surprises therefore I always prefer to get personal gifts. When I want to surprise someone I really like to organize something what you can share and experience together like an evening in a nice restaurant or a beautiful picnic in the park. I really enjoy it to spend time with people and cook with them, spend a night in the cinema or having a spa treatment together. There are so many beautiful ideas and a lot of them don't cost a lot. This year I would love to make self-made sushi and spend a lovely evening on the sofa with a nice drink and a great movie. Hopefully my fiancé will read this article to know what would make me happy.

For sure sweets are always a cute surprise as well. Especially when they are so unique like delicious chocolate strawberries. I always wanted to try them in New York but I forgot it during my last trip so I was really happy when I got this lovely surprise. The taste is amazing and I really love it when they come directly out of the cold fridge and the chocolate is still cold and crispy.

Flowers are also a nice surprise because they smell great and look pretty. You can always buy flowers so this is a perfect last minute present. Unfortunately, most of the flowers fade after a short time so that the present doesn't last for a long time but there are also some companies where you can buy some special flowers which blossom for several months. 

Best, Patty

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