Hey Guys,
today I will share with you my current favorite look with my cute shirt from Ardene. I ordered the shirt from a local online shop and I am so in love with the color. The shirt fits perfectly to my white skirt and it feels so comfortable. Everyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to pink stuff. I love to wear pink clothes, to decorate my flat with pink accessories or to eat pink sushi. For sure I have a lot of clothes in different colors and my flat doesn't look like a barbie home but it is definitely one of my favorite colors. Beside my shirt my earrings are my personal highlight of the look. They look so glamorous and sparkling so that you can also combine them perfectly to a simple look. I really love to wear statement earrings because they can help a lot to upgrade your looks. 

The pictures were taken at my favorite spot close to my flat. It looks a little bit like I am staying in the middle of the desert but it is only a small area which is not full of constructions. Thats why I always go to this place to take pictures with my tripod and enjoy the silence. I am so happy to live in this area because you have so much greenery around and the best breakfast coffee is around the corner. If you ever plan a trip to Dubai you should never miss the chance to try the amazing breakfast at "The Farm, Al Barari". The food is really tasty, they have an amazing breakfast offer and it feels like you are in a totally different country because it is so silent and you have a lot of greenery around and a beautiful pond. The outdoor seating area is nice and I can really recommend to reserve a table because especially on the weekends it is really busy and hard to get a table.

Best, Patty 

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  1. Das Outfit ist echt cool, die Farbkombi gefällt mir total gut! :-)

    Liebe Grüße,

    Laura von https://mindfullofblossom.blogspot.com

  2. Da kriegt man ja gleich Lust auf Sommer! Cool, dass du so eine kleine "Wüste" in der Nähe deiner Wohnung hast. Würde man wirklich nicht vermuten, dass da in der Nähe eine Wohngegend ist. ;)