Hey Guys,
almost 4 weeks ago since I published an article on Measlychocolate and a lot happened within this time. I am almost 6 months in my new company and I can really say that the job challenges me a lot but I can gain impressive experience, went already to Qatar and Russia for different projects and hosted and organized already two events on my own. When I am looking back I am always really proud and thankful that I have the chance to go this way, to live in a City which offers amazing opportunities and where the sun is shining almost 365 days of the year. The life is different in Dubai because you never know what happens next, the work flow is really though and for sure you miss your family and friends all the time but at the moment there is no place in the world where I would rather be than in Dubai. I am here for almost two years already and the time taught me a lot. So many nice friends came into my life, I experienced so many beautiful moments and the lifestyle is completely different because in Dubai always something is going on. Especially the best seasons of the year starts because the weather gets more pleasant. 

 Jumpsuit - MlovesL // Shoes - Steve Madden // Bag - Bali Bags // Sunglasses - ALDO

My cute polkadot jumpsuit is from one of my favorite labels from Dubai. I always love to check out the collection from MlovesL because the clothes and accessories are always so colorful and spread so much positive energy. Summer seasons is definitely color season and I love to experiment with different fabrics and designs. Red was always one of my favorite colors but funnily enough I don't have much red clothes in my wardrobe. I always wanted to have a nice red one-piece which is casual and suitable for a nice day out at the beach. The material is really nice on the skin and I feel so comfortable when I am wearing it. I can never say no to polkadots! 

Best, Patty

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