Hey Guys,
a few weeks ago I found this lovely polkadot dress at the Instagram Shop Mlovesl and since I bought it I can't stop wearing it. The polkadot print in black and white is suitable for so many different occasions and I was really surprised that it even looks good with my colorful hairband which I got from Mlovesl as well. I searched such a long time for a nice hairband which is colorful and comfortable to wear. I'm sure that the combination is not everyones taste but I love to combine different colors and fabrics to create new styles and combinations. I am sure that the most of us have so many beautiful clothes in their wardrobe but as soon as we have worn something a few times it gets boring and we want to buy something new. I think when we start to think about different combinations and try to combine our looks in a completely different way we find so much more inspiration in our own wardrobe. I tried this already a few times and I was surprised in how many different ways you can wear some clothes. If you need inspiration for some new looks I can also recommend you to check out pinterest or instagram because this are the best pages to find new look inspirations.

Best, Patty

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