Hey Guys,
Last weekend I went the first time to VIBE Dubai and I was so impressed from the whole atmosphere  that I really need to recommend this lovely restaurant and share my personal review. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and free underground parking is available. The restaurant is located on Al Wasl Road, Lamar Building Unit 30 what was really easy to find. My first impression of VIBE Dubai was positive because the interior is really cute and they have looked really into details so that the spot has its totally own flair. Everywhere are small pineapples on the tables and the huge pink palm tree is absolutely the highlight of their interior. Their coffee machine is painted in neon yellow what creates and amazing contrast to the huge pink palm tree.

I was really impressed about the service because our waiter was really friendly and intent so that we could order really fast. He recommended us some dishes and informed us which dishes are most popular so that we could get a better overview and the decision was much easier. I ordered a fresh bread with salmon and avocado and an Acai bowl. My fiancé got a burger and a bread topped with a poached egg and pulled beef. All our ordered dishes were fresh and so delicious that we really want to go there again soon. They have also many healthy and vegan options and they are always open to help you to find the perfect dish and inform you about all ingredients. I can also recommend you to try the tasty juices because I loved my fresh passionfruit smoothie and also the sweet date smoothie from my fiancé was really good.
I need to say that the price-performance ratio is quite good because the food is really fresh and tasty, you don’t need to wait too long for your food and the staff is really friendly and interested to guarantee a great service. They are always asking if you liked the food and if they can improve something and that’s why I really like this place because they take care of their guests and show a huge interest to improve their services and make their guests as happy as possible.
Thanks, Patty

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  1. Das Café sieht richtig cool aus! :)
    Ich wünschte wir hätten auch so tolle Cafés in Deutschland.
    Liebe Grüße,
    Alina von