Skirt - Retold // Bag - Pinko // Shirt - Shein // Sunglasses - LeSpecs 

Hey Guys,
I can't believe how fast the time passed by. Two weeks ago I uploaded my last blogpost and it feels like it was yesterday. I never thought that I will be so busy in Dubai but during the week I spend a lot of time with work and on the weekends I am out with friends, discover new places and enjoy the beautiful weather. At the moment it is really hot but in our new flat we have a beautiful pool which is perfect for the hot summer season. I love to enjoy my weekends at the pool and read a good book. It is also really nice to have your own gym next to your flat so that you can train whenever you like to. At the moment I am felling that I am getting ill therefore I try to relax a little bit to avoid any disease. 
Soon we will start our trip to Bangkok and I am so excited about everything in this beautiful city. I heard a lot about Bangkok before and I am pretty sure that we will have a great time. From Dubai the flight to Bangkok takes about 8 hours which is definitely much shorter than the flight from Germany. So many beautiful destinations are really close to Dubai and I am so excited to discover more asian countries. Since we travelled to Bali last year I am so fascinated about Asia. Everything is so cheap and the people are really nice and open-minded. I am pretty sure that I will also travel to countries which are not in Asia but at the moment I have a lot of beautiful countries on my travel list which are all in Asia.

Last weekend I started to plan our trip to Bangkok and during my searching process I found a great app which is perfect for all people who love to plan the trip before. The App ist called "Pinbox". When you open the App you can see the world map. Via the searching function you can find places all over the world like restaurants, beaches, famous sights, etc. Whenever you would like to add a new place on the map you can use a pin to mark the location. You can edit your pin to choose between different colors for different categories, you can add notes or websites and you can write all the information about the spot in the information of the pin so that you know everything about the marked spot. Surely you can also do this all by yourself, print a map and mark all the places on the map as well but on the phone for me it is much easier. The overview works without internet so that you can find all the places you marked before really easy. Please note that you need internet when you want to add a new spot. You can also see the street names on the map so that you have a great orientation. One of my friends use this app because she can only eat products which are gluten-free. When she is on holiday it is not really easy to find restaurants and cafes which sell gluten free food. Therefore she always use the app to search gluten free hotspots before she starts her vacation so that she has a lot of opportunities when she visits the country. I was really interested when she explained me the app and now I really love to use the app. I am really excited to use the App for my first trip soon.

Best, Patty 

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  1. ein richtig cooler Look liebe Patty! und finde es auch wahnsinnig spannend, dass du nach Bangkok reist :)

    bei mir ist die Zeit in den letzten Wochen auch nur so davongeflogen übrigens ;)

    liebste Grüße auch,
    ❤ Tina von

  2. du siehst soo toll aus, das outfit gefällt mir wirklich richtig gut :) ich wünsche dir viel spaß in bangkok, war da vor einigen jahren auch und bin nach wie vor begeistert. nur an den verkehr dort muss man sich gewöhnen :D


  3. Eine coole Kombi! Das Shirt gefällt mir sehr gut :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie / Goldzeitblog

  4. Wie immer toll. Ich liebe, dass deine Stylings so taktvoll und elegant sind. :)
    LG <3

  5. Toll siehst du aus! Ich liebe die Tasche in Kombination mit dem rosanen Rock:-)

    Liebe Grüße!

  6. Sehr schöner Look, wirklich ganz toll kombiniert :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von