Sushi Burrito
A really nice restaurant with nice furniture and some cute details which let you feel like being in some part of Asia. In this restaurant you can order normal sushi plates or choose between one of the burritos or a tasty poke bowl. I decided to create my own sushi burrito because this is one of my favorite sushi variation. You can choose out of a lot of toppings and I am sure that some of you would also love to create their own sushi burrito. The best of all were the mochis for dessert. I am a huge mochi lover and wherever I can find some mochis I will try them. They offer mango and green tea mochis and both of them tasted amazing. My favorite ones were the mango mochas but my boyfriend prefers the green tea ones. 

Sushi Counter
I was never before in a restaurant which offers so much different sushi dishes. The choice is huge and you can explore many fancy dishes. A lot of them were also new for me and I ate in a lot of really good sushi restaurants before. My absolutely favorite one was the "Sushi Burrito". I´ve never ate a sushi burrito before I visited the Shop and the taste was pretty amazing. Additionally to my favorite dish you can also order a lot of other great variations. If you never tried a sushi burger before you should definitely try one. The poke bowls are also really tasty and my boyfriend liked them a lot. Sushi Counter is a really small and cute shop with a fancy design and sitting areas inside and outside. You can also order your food and save some money with your first order.

One of my favorite sushi restaurants when I want to have a beautiful day with friends for "all you can eat" sushi. I ate so much times in this restaurants and I think that is the best proof that the sushi is really tasty. The different dishes are really fresh and have a good quality. You have a nice choice out of different sushi variations and additionally you can also order some dishes out of the menu in case you don't find them on the sushi band. The price for the "all you can eat" offer is only 111 AED per person which is really cheap for a sushi restaurant in Dubai. The different restaurants from Itsu look all really nice and make you feel comfortable. You can decide if you like to sit directly at the sushi counter or have a seat in a silent corner. The staff is really nice and all of them try their best that you enjoy your stay and the delicious food. 

Love, Patty 

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  1. I love Sushi and I see you can get delicious sushi!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. It looks SO good, I love sushi and most asian dishes so much!! Especially green tea mochis :)
    Much love, Lea,

  3. Sieht wirklich sehr gut aus!
    Alles Liebe, Marie💗

  4. ohh mein gott, das ist ja wirklich ein sushi-paradies!!! Ich bewundere deine essens-stories auf instagram immer total und bin total neidisch haha. Hoffentlich genießt du deine zeit in Dubai :)


    1. Hier gibt es echt so eine tolle Auswahl :) Ja genieße es wirklich sehr :)

  5. Als großer Sushi-Fan finde ich deine Bilder gerade himmlisch, das sieht wirklich unheimlich lecker aus!

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von