Good morning everyone, 

for a long time it was really quiet on my blog but I decided to get back on track and get more active here again. The past weeks and months were a complete rollercoaster ride, so many things happened, the whole covid situation is still ongoing and so many plans have changed. For the ones who didn't know I started in February as cabin crew at Emirates Airlines and was quite happy to get the chance to meet so many new people from all around the world and to get the opportunity to travel to many beautiful destinations I have never seen before. I already started my training as cabin crew which usually takes 8 weeks but after the 6th week we needed to quarantine at home as a safety measure of covid and since then I stayed home, did a lot of online classes and stayed fit. But after a certain time I was made redundant because the training college couldn't open again in the near future. At the beginning it was not easy for me to lose this job because I put a lot of effort in it and really enjoyed my time there even if I didn't even start to fly. However, I always try to stay positive and to see the good in everything. Since this day I really started to focus on what I really want and figured out that my passion is definitely in the marketing field which also includes social media and photography. I always loved to take pictures from other people or during my trips, even with my tripod I like to take pictures of myself but I never thought about creating my portfolio as a professional photographer. Long story short after taking pictures for 5 years I started to create my own photography portfolio on Instagram - Click here & purchased my photography license. Luckily many of my friends modeled before and know how to act in front of the camera so I started to shoot with them and discovered that this is really something I love to do. In Dubai we have so many people from different parts of the world and it is such a great opportunity to have such a diversity of different people who like to stand in front of the camera. Beside taking pictures of people I really like food photography. Below you can find some pictures which were created within the past weeks.  

Wish you a lovely day, Patty

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