Good morning Guys,
I hope you are fine and stay safe during this hard time. It seems that the whole world stands still and that we are all effected of the dramatic changes. If someone ever told me before that Covid-19 would ever happen for sure I wouldn't believe it. I feel really sorry for all the people who suffer under this circumstances and the ones who are effected of the virus. The changes hit us in so many different ways and I hope that the situation gets better soon. We all really don't know how the situation  continues, if life gets better or worse, if life becomes completely different as it was or if it gets back to the way we consider it as normal life. I don't want to rate anything of this, the only thing I want to do is to try to share some positivity during this grayish time and to give you some inspiration what you can do during the quarantine.

I am staying home since 3 weeks already and I always try to keep myself busy, to stay healthy and to find a good balance for my day to day life. Every evening I write down some tasks for the next day so that I can follow my to-do list during the day and get everything done. I don't like to watch tv all day thats why I try to use my time for things I usually can't do because I am too busy. To stay active I do daily workouts or try to walk at least 10.000 steps per day. At first I thought its impossible to go that many steps in a flat but believe me I did it already 5 days in a row and it was never a problem. It is also really helpful to use the staircase in your house or your building to stay fit. Beside staying active I also try to keep my brain busy with completing Linkedin e-learnings and some tasks which I have to do for my work. I can also recommend you to take your time to do a puzzle, to read a book or to do some sudoku's.

Yesterday, I played a little bit with my camera again after a really long time and I tried to take some nice inside shots. Luckily, we have amazing light conditions in our flat and it was a lot of fun to shoot again with my tripod. Sometimes, I even prefer to shoot with a tripod because I use my phone as remote control and I can see myself before I take the shot. Most of the time I have already something in mind before I take the pictures and it is not always easy to explain someone else how the picture should look in the end. However, its often way more time consuming than shooting with friends.

Stay Safe, Patty 

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  1. Das sind wirklich sehr schöne Fotos geworden! Ich nutze die Zeit auch, um Dinge zu machen, für die ich sonst keine Zeit habe - das tut auch mal gut! 😊
    Kristine | kristykey

  2. Es ist wahr, dass die Katastrophe, die die Welt erfasst hat, nicht vorüber ist. Wir wurden auch fast zwei Monate zu Hause gehalten und erst kürzlich wurde sie leicht entsiegelt.

  3. So viele schöne Bilder! :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von littlethingcalledlove.de