Good morning Guys,
since a long time I really wanted to share with you one of my favorite places in Dubai. When I came the first time to Courtyard Dubai I was already in love with the place and the whole concept of this beautiful city escape. Whenever you need a short break or want to discover something different in Dubai than you are definitely right at this spot. Beside an art gallery and a lovely theater the Courtyard Dubai complex also houses amazing food & beverage outlets like Boston Lane ( or Cassette (@cassettedxb) which I can both highly recommend. Around Boston Lane you can discover beautiful small pop up style shops with unique gifts, beautiful home interior, pretty clothes and much more. If you have an eye for art and beautiful design pieces you will definitely enjoy your time at Courtyard Dubai.

It is definitely a beautiful place to meet family and friends, to dine together or even to move your home office to a lovely spot where you can be a little bit more creative. The place always reminds me of my holidays in Italy or Spain because the atmosphere is so relaxed and you don’t feel that you are in the middle of a huge city.

For more information I can recommend you to check out the webpage of Courtyard Dubai which you can find here to see what upcoming events might be interesting for you. I am always interested in art exhibitions and love to attend them. The beautiful hideaway is open daily from 8am to 7 pm.

When you still don’t have enough after your visit at Courtyard Dubai you should pass by Alserkal Avenue across the street which is a beautiful art district with amazing art gallery’s, a chocolate factory, cute cafes, a really cool pop up cinema and much more. Soon I will share with you some more facts about Alserkal Avenue as well as my personal highlights in this lovely art district.

Best, Patty

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