A view weeks ago I shared with you some of my favorite beauty products and today I have a new recommendation about a skincare product which I tried some weeks already and which impressed me a lot. I have a really sensitive and dry skin that's why I tried many moisturizing lotions to make my skin smoother but nothing really worked as I expected.

I received already many recommendations from friends before I first tried the products from Bio-Oil and I need to say that I was really impressed by the great and fast results. Especially the Bio-Oil Skin Gel is perfect for dry skin and works already after the first use. I always use the Skin Gel before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning my face feels really smooth and I don't face any dry skin issues anymore. The Dry Skin Gel is available in different sizes and I can recommend you to start with 50ml to see if the products work for you as well. You only require a really small amount of the gel because it works wonder. I never used any lotion before which worked that fast and efficient.

 Bio-Oil - Dry Skin Gel // Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 

Additionally, I received Skin Care Oil which helps to reduce stretch marks and scars. I used it for four weeks now and my skin feels much smoother but to see a difference you need to use it at least for 3 months twice per day. I am excited if I can see any difference after 3 months but regarding all the recommendations I got from my friends it really helps to improve your skin. Usually, I don't like to try new beauty products because I'm always getting used to the products I like but these products we're really worth to try. Especially my face feels so much smoother and I am really confident that the products work for everyone who has problems with dry skin.

All products are available in different sizes and I can recommend you to start always with the smallest size when you want to try the products first. The prices are quite good and on the Bio-Oil website, you can get some more information about the products itself and where they are available in the UAE. 

Thanks, Patty

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