Good Morning Guys,
I always try to update my blog as often as I can but unfortunately, my last post is one month ago and so many things happened in the past weeks. My sister and her boyfriend visited me last week and we spent a lovely time together. When family or friends visit me in Dubai I always try to show them my favorite areas in Dubai. If you never heard from Alserkal Avenue you should definitely google it and discover their website. Alserkal Avenue is one of my favorites places in Dubai because you can find a lot of unique museums with special events and different exhibitions, a chocolate factory where you can try one of my favorite chocolate bites and a cute cinema with special movies from the past. I am sure that people who love art and to discover unique places they are right at this beautiful place. They also have sometimes nice pop up events which are really nice to join. My last pop up which I have visited was an Iftar during Ramadan where they channeled a fabric hall to a beautiful evening dinner spot. They combined the asian with the arabic cuisine and I was so fascinated about the mixture so that I can say it was one of the best Iftars I ate during this time. Even though you are not a huge art fan you have some other options in Alserkal Avenue. Beside the art galleries you will find an amazing car exhibition with really old and unique cars, nice cafes and food spots where you can have tasty dishes, a beautiful outdoor area where you can relax and enjoy the pleasant October breeze and especially the chocolate factory which I have mentioned before is worth a visit. A few weeks ago I went the first time to the recently opened cinema and we have watched an old Egyptian movie which was really interesting. The cinema is equipped with really comfortable seats and sofas so that you have the feeling that you are at home at your own living room. Especially the food was really extraordinary for a cinema because beside to the well known popcorn you could also buy healthy salads and other tasty dishes which I have never seen before in a cinema in Germany.

Best, Patty 

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  2. Super Fotos und deine Schuhe!*-*

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    1. Thanks :) Unfortunately, you are unknown so I can't see your blog.

  4. Sehr schöner Look, toll siehst du aus :)

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  5. Oh, was für ein unfassbar schöner Look! :)

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  6. Richtig schöner Post:)
    Ich liebe dein Outfit und dabei vor allem den silbernen Rock total!

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